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RETROFIT injection moulding machines

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Energy Saving

Energy efficiency study, installation of servopumps

Technical consultancy

Machinery safety update.
Machine/robot CE certifications.

Electric and mechanincal revamping

Installation of new PLC controls and electrical cabinet.

Study and internal design

Manifold and hydraulic scheme design

Energy saving

Installation of latest generation servo pumps.


Our mission

Our mission is to bring obsolete machinery up to date and optimize efficiency on recently developed machines. By operating on all the brands on the market, we are able to enhance the peculiarities of each manufacturer. We take care of all technical aspects at 360°: from Electronics to Hydraulics. Our knowledge has allowed us over the years to provide an efficient service to each of our customers: from small company to multinational.

Chosen by the biggest companies in the world.

Best solutions

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Solutions for energy saving

With a view to energy efficiency and process optimization, we help our customers to reduce consumptions.

Update your machine with our servo system

Save more than 70% on consumption compared to traditional injection molding machines.

The annual saving in monetary terms varies according to the machine cycles, molded weight, hours of use and price kw/h.    

Our service

Servo system

How does a servo pump work?

Plc replacement

Technological update for a more efficient future.

TDZ pumps and spare parts

Interchangeable with the main brands on the market