The energy-saving of an injection molding machine is a significant element for a small or big company.

In this field, we reached extraordinary results by saving up to 67% of energy during the production cycle.

How is this possible?

TECNO SERVICE can study the best solution considering your injection molding machine’s needs.

It is necessary to modulate every movement of the machine by supplying the right amount of oil needed.
This makes the machine as well you reach the best results.

The installation of an inverter on motor pump allows us to control every step of the process.

What is an inverter? How does it work?

The advantages of regulation by variable drive

The AC (alternating current) motors used in the machines’ systems are studied to satisfy the maximum load of the application. It always rotates at the rated speed, depending on the applied frequency (50Hz): even when not necessary.

To make the concept clearer, it is as if one imagines driving a car by keeping the accelerator pedal always pressed to the maximum and one tries to modulate the speed by acting on the brake pedal. This entails an intolerable energy waste.

This waste on an injection molding machine translates into greater heat and wear of the system.

With variable speed control and even with the optimization size control of the system, energy savings are achieved and therefore economic savings are too.

The advantages in managing pumps with inverter application also translate into:

– less wear and less damages.
– less maintenance out of service.

– less stress and pressure on the components of the system.
– conditions of flow and pressure always adequate to the requests
– greater system reliability
– reduced operating costs
– reduction of the cooling system
– less marked inrush currents

TECNO SERVICE wants to point out that these changes
DO NOT imply the downgrading of the machine.

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