IE1 series STANDARD performance
IE2 series HIGH performance

IE3 series PREMIUM performance (effective from 1/1/2015 for motors from 7.5kw to 375kw and from 1/1/2017 for motors from 0.75kw to 375kw)





Tecnoservice sells ASYNCHRONOUS THREE-PHASE motors with 2 poles – 4 poles – 6 poles with most models ready for delivery.

Industrial production is responsible for 42% of world electricity consumption, 74% of which is absorbed by the work of electric motors.

The introduction of the IE3 series of electric motors on the market, more efficient than the IE1 and IE2 series thanks to the improved technological characteristics, allows a lower absorption and a consequent reduction of electricity consumption, generating savings in economic terms and a reduction in production of C02.

The efficiency of an electric motor reflects the relationship between mechanical output and electrical input. The high efficiency is obtained by converting electrical power into mechanical power, reducing possible losses.

The analysis of the useful life cycle of an electric motor shows that a greater initial investment on its efficiency entails considerable savings on electricity consumption.


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