Servo motors (brushless)

  • Thanks to the absence of brushes, the brushless TECNOSAVING servo motor allows much faster acceleration and braking than an usual electric motor. For any further information please contact
  • The application through a servo motor or brushless allows an injection molding machine to achieve significant energy savings. This type of motor allows very quick acceleration and braking thanks to the absence of brushes and a much lighter body. TECNOSERVOSYSTEM consists of a variable speed servo motor controlled by inverter, coupled with an internal gear fixed-displacement pump, whose power may be constantly adapted to suit effective needs, in such a way as to eliminate idle machinery losses almost entirely. When the machine is not carrying out any operation, the pump motor also comes to a standstill, unlike traditional hydraulic presses whose pump continues to make the oil circulate even when the machine is idle. All this brings to:
    • Energy savings up to 80%
    • Less wear of components
    • Less heating
    On average, the cost of the TECNOSERVOSYSTEM motor pump replacement pays off in less than 1 year